2017 Programme changes

Members are advised that the Direction Finding talk by Graham G4DPH has been moved to 8th March 2017.  The 10 minute shack talks originally scheduled for that date have been brought forward to 8th February 2017.

Volunteers for the shack talk evening are required.  Please have a chat with our Secretary, Garry.


Service outage

Members may have noticed a problem with the website tonight…..

I applied an update which seemed to work ok but which destroyed the formatting of text on our web pages.  After about 1.5hrs of trying to resolve the problem I’ve restored the backup from last night.  Thus any posts/updates people have made since 02:30hrs this morning will be missing and will need recreating.

The update still needs to be installed and I will try again when I have a little more time to investigate the cause of the problem.  Hopefully its something that is effecting other websites, so may get fixed quickly.

The webmaster



When you need a friend…

Steve M6HOB here. I’m relatively new to amateur radio, having obtained my Foundation Licence a year ago and although I attend the Wednesday club nights, I hadn’t got round to buying any radio kit for my station. I have a very old ICOM 2m rig in my Land-Rover, but it’s not much use for general work with pre-selected frequencies only.

I’m currently studying for my Intermediate licence, and building a Walford Electronics “Berrow” QRP CW transceiver as the obligatory project. The club’s tutors Peter (G4OST) and Paul (M0ZMB) have been really helpful guiding me on the build, especially as it’s a fairly advanced project for the intermediate and a radio novice. Construction stalled once I’d completed the receiver side of the kit, as I hadn’t got an aerial up. Cue a friend and club member Andrew (G0RVM) stepping up and spending his Saturday afternoon to help me set up a 1/2 wave dipole on 30 metres / 10 MHz. Despite the bitter cold, we put up a wooden fence post at one end of my garden, and bolted a 3 metre high steel antenna mast from ScrewFix with an eye bolt at the top to run a cord through. The mast is really sturdy and great value, plus you can potentially stack them and go to 4.5 or 6 metres high, though I’m not sure how much tension one could safely put on the aerial wire at that height without guying the top of the mast.

Andrew kindly lent me a 1:1 balun whilst I await delivery of a new one from a well known supplier in Staines. What a nice chap! 🙂

The other end of the dipole is supported on the apex of my garage roof, which puts the centre conveniently close to my study window, keeping the RG58 feeder fairly short. A few minutes work in the loft to run the RG58 up through the wall and out of the soffit vent, and the job was done!

Andrew also brought along his MFJ antenna analyser, so we could tune up the antenna. The wire hangs about 4m off the ground, rather than at least 7.5 metres for a 1/4 wave, partly because to go any higher would put the wire in the midst of a large oak tree and dense branches. We got it resonant but the impedance of the antenna is 25 ohms at resonance in the band centre. Not great, but workable with an ATU, and it seems to receive well across the band, I heard some CW at +20dB on my FRG100.

Anyway, back to the subject line of the post; it’s brilliant to be able to draw on the expertise, kit and friendship of the club members. Someone’s always ready to lend a hand…


Data Modes Lecture


FLDigi and PSK-31

Don’t forget tomorrow night we have a lecture by Paul, M0ZMB, about Data Modes in amateur radio.  So, if you don’t know the difference between PSK, RTTY, Thor or Hellschreiber or your DM-780 from your FLDigi then make sure you come along.

It’s bound to be a fun evening, packed with masses of really cool information!


Pizza at Paul’s

Paul's Pizza Palace

It turns out that our chairman has his own pizza oven – how cool is that? 🙂 Paul was exceedingly kind and invited the club around on Sunday for home made pizza and drinks.

Thanks Paul, it was a great afternoon and I would like to say ‘thank you’ on behalf of the club.


G0RVM goes to EU-010

Andrew, G0RVM will be off to Harris in the Outer Hebrides during the first two weeks of August.  He will be operating on HF and will be  happy to work TSGARC members.

He will be operating from:

    • IOTA: EU-010
    • Loc: IO67mu
    • QTH: Horgabost

A visit to Ron Weedon

Ron Weedon

Ron Weedon

Sunday Morning 15th September 2013 Rex (G4RAE) and John (M0hfh) spent an hour practising Morse code before setting off to visit one of the clubs older members Ron Weedon who is 90 this year. Ron was donating some of his redundant radio equipment to the club. Ron invited us to see his “Shack” which was a tiny table in the corner of the bedroom he shares with his wife; a Yaesu 817 linked to a morse key and LDG atu taped to the top. We asked what the RG58 disappearing out of the window was connected too and Ron showed us a commercial all band HF Vertical he had attached to the washing line post; as we talked to Ron it became apparent just how interested in Amateur radio he is, he showed us the latest entry in the log, TF (Iceland) and explained that he had some difficulty reading the operators morse which was at high speed. all together it was an interesting and inspiring morning. Many thanks Ron (G0IWW).