Waitrose On-Air

Very quick post regarding last weekends Waitrose On-Air Roadshow event. First wanting to thank Waitrose and specifically Shirley (my contact) for organising with us. I am sure that all those who took part and visited us at the store on Saturday last would agree it a success.

Rather surprisingly we actually made some reasonable contacts on 2m repeaters but more importantly were able to meet the general public and of course star of the show just go to Rex for the morse tutorial with the children (seen here).

We shall certainly be putting this in the calendar for next year and hopefully repeating the process. Thoughts are now to our next roadshow location.

Thanks to John M0HFH and Rex G4REA for their help.

Mark 2E0RKM



RSGB Train the Trainers Course


A quick somewhat belated note. Few weeks back I attended the TtT course organised via CARS. Really good day was had by all. I am now officially a ‘Trainer’. However whilst on the course the trainers realised that I was in fact a qualified teacher and have hence forth added me to the RSGB Train the Trainers Tutor list!! So can now work with the team to put on TtT courses for other clubs!!!

Better yet at the course we had the RSGB Regional chap (forgotten his name) but he was keen to roll more out…..all voluntary of course but that is what the hobby is about and this for me optimises what it means for me.

Looking forward to getting involved with more courses planned for later in the year and subsequently meeting other clubs but also to supporting others in our club. Perhaps fortuitous as it comes alongside my involvement in the RSGB Innovation and Technology Working Group.

All I need now is my M0…that I am certain no I hope will be soon.

Mark 2E0RKM




TSGARC AR Roadshows

Folks today I secured agreement from Waitrose Chipping Sodbury to host our first AR roadshow. Idea is for us to showcase some technology but more importantly raise awarenss of AR to the local community. This is supurb location, great footfell at weekends and will be part of the Yate and Chipping Sodbury Festival during June.

At this stage I am keen to recruit some willling volunteers to help me do this. Tea, coffee and I am told cake will be provided but don’t hold me to that. Also want some ideas on the equipment to showcase but remember must be easy to set up and take down and be compact enough not to cause any undue health or safety concerns. Also want a visual presence and a audible one too e.g. GB3 WR on loop!! Want to attract as many people as I can.

Anyone with any ideas please catch me at club or post them here. Actual dates for the event will follow and Gary can add it to out programme. I will also send them to RADCOM.

Many thanks

Mark  2E0RKM



TSGARC embark on ARDF….or do they?

Folks an entertaining and very interesting talk from Graham G4DPH last week.  Given that Graham and fellow Weston Club members have invited TSGARC to their next club ARDF event perhaps we could consider a club based RDF project or system which we might take on location with us!! Count me in (Peter 2E0UAR) and hopefully others now the weather has improved? Peter already has a number of antenna designs which we could develop from.  I have to say the whole notion appeals to me as it brings together portable (which in effect I am currently), outdoors, (potentially dog walking although that was not mentioned) and radio. Could even add Geocaching if you like to that list. However I would not want to be the fox!!!

My thanks to Graham for his time and fascinating array of home made equipment together with numerous stories of eventing which kept us on the edge of our seats. TSGARC (well me at least) will now definitely be considering an ARDF section of its own.

A few useful websites I came across (but to be honest there are so many links);





Food for thought Folks!!

Mark 2E0RKM


Noise Floor vis a vis Coax Standards


Whilst resting after a hard and rather wet days walking in West Wales (thankfully we dodged the snow) thought I would check in on the Amateur Radio Facebook page. Came across this rather interesting article which made me feel somewhat vindicated that I have chosen a better quality coax for what will be my new shack and qth location.

Why even good antennas need good Coax cable Bonito Newsroom

Hoping to be at club next Weds work permitting.



WiFi updating at the Club Shack

Over the holiday period a small group of us managed to update the WiFi connection to the club shack as was planned in the programme. It was all hands to the pumps and led by Garry and Paul we were also well oiled by regular cups of Tea and a few mince pies (allegedly as I didn’t see any of them,!!). The on-going good working relationship we have with the chantry meant we were given complete access to all areas so that we could scope and route cabling where we need to and facilitate a better more secure network.

I am sure Garry or Paul will update us in due course as to the current status of the new link and its capability (not my area) but Andrew and I had fun working at hight with the facility of my truck (seems he did all the hard work though).

Much fun




Returning to Amateur Radio

Just wanted to post this piece regarding how heartened I was to see so many old Amateurs returning to the hobby. In the past 3 weeks I guess I must have seen at least two or three per week (two today Weds 23rd) coming back to the hooby having posted on the Amateur Radio FB page.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Amateur Radio is dying. Its definately not and I have a feeling that this may be the start of a resurgance of interest. Goes hand in hand with Andrews post on the Introduction to Amateur Radio.

Way to go!

Mark 2E0RKM


Advanced Course Jan 17

Well its now official…sent off this morning and I am registered on the Advanced course in Jan with Steve Hartley in Bath. Work now begins although I have been reading the RSGB book now for a couple of months – take it everywhere..works for me. Strangely liking the Maths.

Mark 2E0RKM