2m Mobile Fox Hunt Test Beacon

Today 4th and tomorrow 5th  June 2018 between 19.00 hrs and 21.00 hrs at a  frequency of 144.450 Mhz I will be have a propagation beacon running at 5 watts CW QRS < 10wpm

The message is repeated at less than one minute intervals.

location :-

Longitude : -2.52344 W (-2° 31′ 24” W)
Latitude : 51.61649 N (51° 36′ 59” N)
QTH locator : IO81RO

Useful for testing your equipment and map reading skills for the mobile fox hunt on Wednesday evening. Please leave a reply on the page if you pick up the beacon at your location also practise reading the Morse code sent.

Build Evening

This Wednesday just gone saw the start of the SDR-Kits R3500D ARDF kit builds and exploration of the Coilcraft RF Lab Kit which arrived a couple of weeks back. The RF Lab Kit includes Inductors (0603 to 2929), Low Pass Filters and Transformers.

Assembly of the kits has started with most members having placed the resistors.

Along with the Coilcraft lab kit came some T-Shirts too.

Please let me know if you need anything from the Lab Kit and I’ll guide you through it.



G4YKB Long Wire

So..a new arrival at the shack in the form of a G4YKB long wire with some pics from a day or so ago when erecting in Summer (as opposed to how things are today!). Still saving the pennies for my Midi Loop system and wanted to get onto Low Bands so up she went. Yes and before anyone asks….and for the sake of the neighbours we happen to have very large washing!!!!  Very easy to install (took all of 30 minutes that included coffee) and works flawlessly tuning onto 40 and 80 with ease. Works 20 without external tuner and hardly touches the internal ATU of my 7300. Some call it a compromise which I guess it is compared with the Q and selectivity of the Midi Loop but hay it works and thats good enough for now! Well made kit highly recommend it.


Mark M0RZS

Interesting post from the Tutors forum.

I have just found that a post that I cut from a tutors forum last year was stuck in ‘Drafts’ so have dug it out as it is still relevant.

Regards Peter G4OST

‘Club gets grant to teach amateur radio
Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:57 pm (PDT) . Posted by: “M5AKA” m5aka
Good to see the Bittern DX Group took the trouble to fill out a Big Lottery Grant form to get £10,000 for use with Amateur Radio Educational Outreach.

They have already received newspaper coverage as a result, see
Bittern DXers get 10k Lottery Grant

Lottery Funds are available for any club to get amateur radio equipment and Training items such as projectors, PC’s etc.
73 Trevor M5AKA’