Chirp and Drift

The Fists CW club have some competitions (NOT CONTESTS)  organised for the bank holiday week and weekends 22nd to 27th of May.
If you have a vintage radio and would like to Chirp and Drift or warm it up for a few hours Rex and I will be around to help send or receive some slow morse.

How about some AM (amplitude Modulation) ! pre- arranged as its not a popular mode.
The 2m refresher looks interesting, 2 hours per day finishing at 9 pm, Rex and I will be operating from the ridge or Rex’s QTH with a beam for that event.

Let us know if you would like to join us for a cw qso 5 wpm or as slow as you can manage.

perhaps some practise at club on Wednesday.

Smiths Charts, Practical Application of mathematical RF matching

For The past 2 weeks you may have noticed some activity at the top of the room , with instruments, a 2m copper tube dipole multiple VNA’s and computers.
I am planning a project and talks on the practical application of smiths charts method of mathematically matching RF loads. There is some way to go before we are in a position start the talks, feel free to ask questions. On Wednesday evening we will be running a capacitor workshop again making values to implement a match created by smiths chart calculations.

2m ARDF Practise Night 25/07/2018

This evening two beacons will be operating from 19.30pm to enable testing of 2m ARDF equipment for the Pedestrian fox hunt on the 1/8/2018.

Beacon 1 will be low power < 0.5 watts from the Chantry Gardens Frequency 144.525 mode A1A. Tx every minute.

Beacon 2 operating at 5 watts mode A1A from IO81RO NNW of TSGARC club.

TX every 30 secs. reported 599 in Alveston 3 miles away.

If you identify the call sign and unique identifier please leave a reply.

Museums on the air GB4TDM 16/17th and 23/24th June 2018

TSGARC will be operating from Thornbury and District Museum on Saturday 23rd June 2018. see :-
The Nov and registration for the event are completed. our IMOTA reg no 5311

we will be operating 2m ssb cw and FM . Plus HF and will have a table outside of the museum to welcome members of the public.

2m Mobile Fox Hunt Test Beacon

Today 4th and tomorrow 5th  June 2018 between 19.00 hrs and 21.00 hrs at a  frequency of 144.450 Mhz I will be have a propagation beacon running at 5 watts CW QRS < 10wpm

The message is repeated at less than one minute intervals.

location :-

Longitude : -2.52344 W (-2° 31′ 24” W)
Latitude : 51.61649 N (51° 36′ 59” N)
QTH locator : IO81RO

Useful for testing your equipment and map reading skills for the mobile fox hunt on Wednesday evening. Please leave a reply on the page if you pick up the beacon at your location also practise reading the Morse code sent.

Club Dipole – WSPR To the Antarctic 13597 km

In preparation for tonight’s talk on WSPR experiments, the club antenna has been transmitting at 200mw (20dbm) so that live data from DX explorer is available. Band conditions during the early hours were good and a signal was received by DP0GVN in the antarctic at 04:04 am. sn ratio -28dbm around 0.001mw .

John m0hfh

Wsprlite antenna testing – Rex G4RAE 6371 km

This week we have been testing Rex’s 1/2 G5RV,  East / West, height less than 20ft.

The wsprlite classic was set to transmit late on Saturday afternoon, a tuner and MFJ analyser were used to tune to the 40m band. Rex confirmed that stations receiving the signal reflected the spread of QSO’s he had made over many years.

Note the time of the signal being received in America.

above indicates the variable propagation; note that from Jan 7th at 21.00 the propagation is rising and is more stable.

and finally a map of the received signals taken from



WSPR lite antenna testing update Average distance: 2195 km

map of stations hearing M0hfh from our club 40m dipole for the last 24 hour period

The Dx10 table note the max distance 3683 km

Dx10 graph  indicates changing propagation sunrise today Bristol  8.14am

Pick a time for your long range Transmission to win the club competition!!

Think we need more data and a plan for that. comments appreciated.




WSRPlite antenna test resumes

After a small setback (a flat battery) we have resumed transmission using a mains power supply. I have included the DX10 table showing the  best 10 (in terms of range) . The DX10 table gives you a snapshot of the system performance. However it does more as it identifies the time ranges for the spots so that you can identify the best times for DX openings.

DX10: M0HFH – 7 MHz – 200mW

Distance (km) Call Spots count Last seen
2720 EA8BFK 4 2017-12-20 21:42 to 2017-12-21 10:06
2047 OF5C 4 2017-12-21 07:50 to 10:08
1817 OH8NW 2 2017-12-21 07:36 to 10:06
1644 HA7MAC 2 2017-12-21 04:46 to 05:16
1546 SM0BYO 1 2017-12-21 09:46
1538 SM5EPO 3 2017-12-21 08:04 to 09:02
1480 HG5ACZ 2 2017-12-20 22:54 to 2017-12-21 01:20
1405 SM4JST/RX1 9 2017-12-21 05:06 to 09:02
1398 OE3BUB 3 2017-12-21 01:06 to 05:06
1384 OE6PWD 1 2017-12-20 23:04
Average distance: 1698 km


the map below shows the spots in a more visual form and comes from

using filters M0hfh on 40m for the last 24 hours