Field Day Antenna’s

We have erected Two antenna’s and some tuning is underway,

The first is a ZL7 2-2m 7 element special Yagi on lone to us by Andy ( G7OPB) from Berkeley; on Sunday we measured the resonant frequency  144.4 to 145 bandwidth of approx 600khz however the swr at best was 1.5 and the antenna resistance at resonance was approx 75 ohm.We are in the process of making up a 1/12th wavelength coaxial matching feed to reduce the swr below 1.5.

This antenna will be linked to the club 2m all mode.

the second antenna is a ZS6BKW similar to the g5rv with modified dimensions; we have carried out some initial tests and linked this to the club manual ATU which gave us the following bands for use:- 80m, 40m,20m,15m,10m.

12m and 17m band could not be tuned. Test qso to St. Albans and Coventry gave us 599 on 10w.

This antenna will be linked to The Club Yaesu 450d and we will check that the internal ATU can match the bands as above.

Any other antennas which are erected would be welcomed for comparison.

All members are welcome to use the club rigs during field day.


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