Wsprlite test of the club 40m dipole under way

Today at around I connected my wsprlite antenna analysis system to the club 40m Dipole after completing the 40m low pass filter. It is now transmitting at 200mw and here is the first image from the spots map. The test will continue for 3 days, i will publish data as the test progresses.

for info on the system :-

2 thoughts on “Wsprlite test of the club 40m dipole under way

  1. John question (for my own data mode set up really) presume you can have an auto transmit and/or set the transmission to remotely put out a signal at a given time when say motoring or in QSO on a completely different frequency? Also the map software is that some thing special or a product download for sotatbeams? I’m going to be using SignalLink via my windows machine runs windows 10 pro and I think I have already downloaded the WSPR software to it.

  2. Is the one furthest south Ascension Islandas, it is surrounded by blue and is west of Africa?
    In which case it is not doing to bad for range.

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