Training Resources

Presently we use third party resources to provide our training materials and test examinations. The resources below are provided by other groups and organisations.

Course Material

The Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society have produced a set of slides for all three licensing levels. They can be found here, alternatively we have a local copy here.

Practice Tests

Radio Tutor Run by Peter M0SWN provides test exams for all three levels of exam. The Radio Tutor website can be found Here.

Online SDR

To get started in amateur radio you can listen to a number of frequencies at the University of Twente website.

Intermediate Kits

One of the Intermediate assessments requires you to build a radio related project. the below companies sell kits that may be suitable. Always check the suitability of a kit with your assessor before purchase.

Fox Delta
Kanga Products
QRP Labs
 SDR Kits
Heinz Stampfl 

UK Supplier