Committee Terms of Reference

The committee of the TSGARC is elected each year by the clubs members at its AGM or Annual General Meeting.  The AGM is normally held during early April and any member is able to stand for election.

The committee is formed from a quorum who fulfil the core roles required plus other members who are co-opted to fulfil additional roles.   Those elected to the core roles of the committee fulfil the duties and responsibilities as identified in the Terms of Reference (ToRs) detailed below.

Role ToRs Last updated
Chairman PDF 1-Dec-2016
Vice Chairman PDF 1-Dec-2016
Treasurer PDF 1-Dec-2016
Secretary PDF 1-Dec-2016
Ordinary Member PDF 1-Dec-2016
Ordinary Member – Outreach PDF 1-Dec-2016
Ordinary Member – Training PDF 1-Dec-2016