TSGARC Vision, Mission and Values

Here at the Thornbury and South Gloucestershire Amateur Radio Club we think its important to have a written definition of our vision for the future, our mission/purpose and our values.  These define the standards against which all member adhere and the ‘litmus test’ against which all club activities are measured.


To be the club of choice for radio amateurs in the Thornbury area providing an inclusive and vibrant environment that delivers a rewarding, sustainable experience for its members.


  • To provide a quality environment where members can meet, learn and socialise
  • To support the advancement of knowledge in radio, communications, computing and electronics
  • To participate in a mix of indoor and outdoor activities related to amateur radio
  • To promote amateur radio both inside and outside of the club.


  • To be friendly and welcoming to all ages, abilities, genders and backgrounds
  • Be inclusive to all people
  • To enjoy the experience
  • Have respect for each other
  • A desire to work together towards our shared vision
  • To create a club for the long-term through sustainable financial management and growth
  • To be clear, consistent and accurate in our communications
  • Members are at the core of the club and all its activities.

Dated: 23rd December 2016