About us


The Thornbury and South Gloucestershire Amateur Radio Club, commonly abbreviated to the TSGARC, is a growing, friendly and vibrant club, whose members come from many backgrounds in Amateur radio.  In addition to a common interest in radios members have many other hobbies and interests that have become part of club life, these include Narrow Band Television, Computers and IT, aero modelling, vintage radios and equipment, digital photography, space technology, geocaching and historical engineering.  A number of our members are active in the local RAYNET group.

The TSGARC programme reflects this mix of interests, and in addition to regular on the air nights we have a variety of guest and club speakers, video evenings, practical equipment nights and the occasional external visit.

The club has its own station (call sign G4ABC), complete with VHF/UHF antenna plus a full-sized dipole for the 40m HF band.


John Laney M3EQQ, Tel: 07570 944323, Email: chairman@tsgarc.uk

Terry Humphreys M0TJX, Tel: 07889 208090, Email: secretary@tsgarc.uk