Vaisala RS41 RadioSonde captured

During Wednesday (24th January 2018) afternoon the daily 11:15am RadioSonde launch from Camburne, Cornwall decided to make its way to Wiltshire rather than France, as is the norm at the minute. I left work mid afternoon to go home and collect my kit, arriving near Dauntsey, Wiltshire at 16:00. I then proceeded to triangulate the RadioSonde’s position using standard techniques. Once I got close enough I was able to run the SondeMonitor software (below) to see exactly where the RadioSonde was laying.

I was able to get the car to within 1/2 mile of ground zero. The ground to the RadioSonde however was very wet with a soggy boot gained. Once I entered the field the RadioSonde balloon was very obvious. At Ground Zero I found the balloon and parachute. Following a 60ft thread I found the Vaisala RS41 RadioSonde still chirping away.

All three items were taken away for examination and evidence. The balloon was not shredded but has two holes. The parachute is in perfect working order. The RS41 still works and will be kept in original order.

As soon as the next one comes up this way (Bristol UK) I will be on the hunt. Additionally I have found that the unit can be reloaded with different software.




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