Greetings from Mid-Wales

Folks its been a while but thought I’d post a hello from the’ valleys’.
Hope you are all well and I’m still enjoying keeping in touch on this web site. Planning a visit towards the end of March when Karen (XYL) is down judging in the South West. BTW mentioned to John (M3EQQ) that the club is very welcome to visit the QTH (IO72XG) in the summer for perhaps an ‘alternative field weekend’. Tents, motorhomes, barbeques, dogs all welcome. I have 9 acres of high ground (approx. 310m ASL) to offer, base, mobile, portable and plenty of walking for those that want it. However need to be strong antennas, well made and guyed – we can get strong winds up here. If you want to come I can mention to our local club ADARS and Mid-Wales RAYNET and perhaps we can do a joint venture – the guys will be up for that – we do a lot of SOTA as you might imagine. Anyway 73 for now and I’ll keep you posted once the Spring/Summer antenna farm starts going up. Mark MW0RZS

2 thoughts on “Greetings from Mid-Wales

  1. Hello Mark
    sounds as if your settling in, thank you for the kind offer, we will discuss amongst the members and i am sure some would like to visit later in the year.
    you are close to the museum of internal fire which would also make a great place to visit on the way home

    perhaps we could make a sked for either a weekend or Wednesday evening when we have on air night
    thanks again , good to hear from you

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