New base for Field Day?


Greetings from Mid-Wales

Folks its been a while but thought I’d post a hello from the’ valleys’.
Hope you are all well and I’m still enjoying keeping in touch on this web site. Planning a visit towards the end of March when Karen (XYL) is down judging in the South West. BTW mentioned to John (M3EQQ) that the club is very welcome to visit the QTH (IO72XG) in the summer for perhaps an ‘alternative field weekend’. Tents, motorhomes, barbeques, dogs all welcome. I have 9 acres of high ground (approx. 310m ASL) to offer, base, mobile, portable and plenty of walking for those that want it. However need to be strong antennas, well made and guyed – we can get strong winds up here. If you want to come I can mention to our local club ADARS and Mid-Wales RAYNET and perhaps we can do a joint venture – the guys will be up for that – we do a lot of SOTA as you might imagine. Anyway 73 for now and I’ll keep you posted once the Spring/Summer antenna farm starts going up. Mark MW0RZS

ROTA 2018

A great day at the Vale of Berkeley Railway. We managed 11 other heritage railways plus contacts UK and Europe  wide and into the Ukraine.

Thanks to Owen for the antenna, radio and most of the contacts.

Thanks to Rob for the excellent cards for the event.

Thanks to everyone that showed up. A great effort by the club.

ROTA 2018

We will be operating on Saturday 22nd September from the Vale of Berkeley Railway at Sharpness Docks.

Postcode is GL13 9UD for the engine shed.

I will be there about 0830 to get set up and we should be operating from approx 10am until 3pm.

The callsign will be GB4VBR for those unable to attend but who want to listen.