Mobile Foxhunt 21st June

The club will be holding the first of two Foxhunts, this is the mobile one, so ensure you operate you vehicle safely and legally.

Garry G7NVZ is the fox for the night and will be hidden somewhere in an area no further than 10 miles of Thornbury. Ordnance Survey Explorer 167 (1:25000) will cover the area completely. Due to the area covered by Ordnance Survey Landranger (1:50000) map sheets 162 & 172 as Thornbury is in the area covered by the overlap of the sheets. Sheet 162 will have the Northern part of the where the fox could be and sheet 172 will have Southern part.

The fox will be hidden and ready to transmit by 19:30. The first transmission will on 145.500 and move to a free frequency around 145.400-145.450. After the first transmission subsequent transmissions will take place on the quarter hour 3mins. Power will be reduced as the evening goes on.       

Our normal meeting room at the Chantry will not be available for the evening …


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