Roadworks in Thornbury

There are currently evening roadworks around the Castle Street, The Plain, Quaker Lane and Rock Street area. This is at the bottom of the High Street around to where Aldi is.

The official diversion is around Midland Way, Morton Way, Gloucester Road, Park Road and into Castle Street where the Chantry will be on the left.

Thornbury Hill is open after 15:30 so should not be an issue.

Link to more info:

Programme change for 10th January 2024

Due to Terry (M0TJX) being ill the video on Starlink will have to be postponed. Get well soon Terry.

Instead John (M0HFH) will giving a short talk and video on a QRM eliminator also called an X phase mixer.

Also will be a short view and discussion on the new club antenna which is ready to be installed

Mobile Foxhunt 2023 the results…..

Garry G7NVZ the fox for the event was hidden and transmitting at19:30, hearing calls from

John M0HFH and Paul M0ZMB the hunt was on. We also had John G6RAZ call in and monitor progress. 

Garry initially had some technical difficulties trying to get one of his radios on frequency for when the power was stepped down. The first radio used was a Leixen VV898 mobille  followed by an AnyTone AT-D878UV handheld.  The antennas used at different times were a mag-mounted 2m/70cm whip, the handheld rubber duck antenna and also a dummy load on the mag-mount.

Initially John M0HFH started well and got close before getting a bit further away, Paul M0ZMB did the reverse started getting further away before making a dramatic arrival on locating the fox. John G6RAZ, who was monitoring proceedings, made a guess of where he thought the fox  was located and gave an area within a mile of where the fox was. Terry M0JTX who had a prior engagement that night and inadvertently was within 1/2 a mile of where the fox was located.

Map of fox hunt final locations

TSGARC Mobile Foxhunt 2023


The map shows approximate locations of the hounds and others after the fox was found. 

Mobile Foxhunt 21st June

The club will be holding the first of two Foxhunts, this is the mobile one, so ensure you operate you vehicle safely and legally.

Garry G7NVZ is the fox for the night and will be hidden somewhere in an area no further than 10 miles of Thornbury. Ordnance Survey Explorer 167 (1:25000) will cover the area completely. Due to the area covered by Ordnance Survey Landranger (1:50000) map sheets 162 & 172 as Thornbury is in the area covered by the overlap of the sheets. Sheet 162 will have the Northern part of the where the fox could be and sheet 172 will have Southern part.

The fox will be hidden and ready to transmit by 19:30. The first transmission will on 145.500 and move to a free frequency around 145.400-145.450. After the first transmission subsequent transmissions will take place on the quarter hour 3mins. Power will be reduced as the evening goes on.       

Our normal meeting room at the Chantry will not be available for the evening …


Club Events Jun 2023 A

During June 2023 the following Talks / Videos will be covered:

07-06-2023 – Garry (G7NVZ)
Garry will be doing a “Workshop / Talk”  covering the clubs web site including information available and how to post items etc. If there is anything specific you want covered please let Garry or myself know in advance.

14-06-2023 – Led By Garry (G7NVZ)
Fox Hunt discussion
Note: Amateur Radio Exams will be taking place in another part of The Chantry which will not interfere with normal Club activities. 

Mobile Fox Hunt Event 
More detail will be published when available 

Club Events May 2023

During May 2023 the following Talks / Videos will be covered:

03-05-2023 – Terry (MR0TJX)
Tim Peake’s journey to the ISS with an internal tour by Sunita Williams and concluding with “How To Work The ISS”

24-05-2023 – Terry (MR0TJX)
Overview of the AllStar Link and technology  

International Amateur Radio Day

International Amateur Radio Day – Came into existence in the city of Paris on 18 Apr 1925 following the discovery that the “Short Wave Spectrum” could unite people across the world. Since those days interest in Amateur Radio has grown with over 3 million licensed operators. The invention is celebrated across the world with Amateurs “Skipping an Oscillated Wave Signal” across the globe over thousands of miles bringing people and communities together. All long before the invention of the World Wide Web!