Our current theme is DMR. Next week we are going a recap of the DMR basics followed by a video showing basic setup.  

Later in the month we hope have a practical demonstration.

RSGB Update Presentation

On 29th June Andrew Jenner G7KNA the regional RSGB representative will be coming to the club to give us a presentation on various matters relating to the RSGB. Normally this also includes a Q&A.

Can all members make an effort to attend please.

TSGARC Pedestrian Direction Finding Fox Hunt

Wednesday 15th of June the clubs pedestrian foxhunt is back.

It takes place within the Thornbury area. For those new to the club and area the has mainly gentle gradients and everyday walking attire would be ok.

The fox will call on 145.500 at 19:30 hours local, will then move to free frequency (usually 145.400 or 145.450). Once on frequency the fox will transmit on this frequency for a couple of minutes then every 10 minutes until the end. 

Dates for your diary.

Please keep an I on the programme.

The first event we have coming up is the Chairman’s quiz and social evening.

This will be followed by a two week closure due to the Chantry being closed. 

Coming up in the New Year will be Tiago doing part two of his talk on DMR radio, this one is more practical, get to see it in action.