Distance Competition

The TSGARC distance competition will be run throughout the year using the club equipment and antennas. All licensed members are encouraged to join in subject to the following rules. The current league table can be viewed here.

  1. Only full QSOs will be considered. A signal report must be exchanged.
  2. All participants must adhere to their licence conditions or those of the club when using the club callsign.
  3. All entries must be performed from the club shack.If you do not have access to the club shack please see a committee member or trainer. The shack usage instructions must be adhered to, they can be viewed here.
  4. All equipment and antennas used must be provided by the club.
  5. All entries must be supported by a valid entry within one of the clubs log books.
  6. Details of all entries must be forwarded to the Competition organiser (Paul M0ZMB).
  7. The winner of each category will be that person who has achieved the longest distance in a category.

The competition will be run for the following six categories:

  • HF (i.e. 30MHz and below)
    • CW (manually performed)
    • Data (including CW automatically performed or machine read)
    • Voice (FM, SSB, Digital etc.)
  • VHF and above (i.e. 30.1MHz and above)
    • CW (manually performed)
    • Data (including CW automatically performed or machine read)
    • Voice (FM, SSB, Digital etc.)