Club Member Success!

Very pleased to pass the clubs congratulations on to Stan and Paul who recently sat their  Exams at the club and have secured their Call Signs. Paul commented that M7FOD is easy to remember standing for “Forest Of Dean” but we would probably recognise “Foxtrot Oscar Delta” !   

M7YET – Stanley
M7FOD – Paul

Club Events Jul 2023

With Midsummer and the Equinox behind us we enter the second half of the year, we look forward to the annual event of Field Day in Aug but in the mean time here are the known events for July:

05 Jul 2023 SWC & Gateways

Update South West Cluster Repeaters
Overview Of Simplex Gateways

Talk Terry M0TJX  

12 Jul 2023 Fox Hunts
Fox Hunt Discussion Including:

What Is A Fox Hunt
The How To And Techniques 
When & Where

Led by John (M3EQQ)
19 Jul 2023 Field Day Discussion 
Field Day Discussion Including:

Content & Program
Members Assistance To Help Set Up

Led By John (M3EQQ)

26 Jul 2023 OFCOM Consultation
RSGB Guest Andrew Jenner G7KNA