2m FM Pedestrian Foxhunt

Tonight is the clubs annual pedestrian foxhunt around Thornbury.

I will probably start from the Rock Street Car Park  as it  is slightly raised to find Paul M0ZMB the fox..

I am also going to have APRS running to se where I go and what transmission is like around Thornbury.

2 thoughts on “2m FM Pedestrian Foxhunt

  1. Hi All

    Terry (M6TJV) well after a valiant try had to abort. Had Paul clearly (or audibly) reading to us all. But… the broadcast went dead and I blindly carried on searching the streets of Thornbury until I heard I several club members reporting Paul’s Radio was down. Walked to the George but no one there!

    Good learning experience though, thanks Paul.

    Terry (M6TJV)

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