2m FM Pedestrian Foxhunt – Take Two

Due to a hardware issue on the earlier event we are running it again on September 12th 2018.

As before the Fox will be Paul M0ZMB and he will hide somewhere around Thornbury.

He will call in on 145.500 and then move to another frequency. It is hoped to be 145.4125, if it is available.

He will transmit for 2mins every 10mins.



2 thoughts on “2m FM Pedestrian Foxhunt – Take Two

  1. This time the Fox Hunt went to plan.

    The Fox (Paul M0ZMB) was found within the first hour by Peter M0SWN and John M0HFH. I understand that they will both be placing beacons for next year’s fox hunt for us all to hunt.


  2. Looks like I might have to miss this due to work!
    Have to to take everything with me so I am ready to go when I get back in the area.

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