Club Antenna Working Party Volunteers needed

On Tuesday morning I went to the Chantry office to enquire about access to the roof and look at the damage to our 40m Dipole.

A Branch from a tree on the far side of the main building has Snapped and come to rest on the cable attached to the RHS of the dipole and this is putting the balun and RG214 under strain and has snapped the dipole on the LHS of the main building and ropes attaching the balun to the central support.

We need a working party for the repairs, a minimum of four people, two on the roof with access from inside of the Chantry and two on the ground to attend to the ropes. The Old antenna needs to be removed firstly; a ladder will be needed to untie the ropes from the trees and some measuring of distances for our new antenna to be installed.

Our Plans are to fit a 40m off centre fed dipole which requires moving the centre point of the antenna to the LHS of its current position. and re-making all ropes and the radiator lengths which can be carried out on a Wednesday evening at club.

Club Events Jun 2023 A

During June 2023 the following Talks / Videos will be covered:

07-06-2023 – Garry (G7NVZ)
Garry will be doing a “Workshop / Talk”  covering the clubs web site including information available and how to post items etc. If there is anything specific you want covered please let Garry or myself know in advance.

14-06-2023 – Led By Garry (G7NVZ)
Fox Hunt discussion
Note: Amateur Radio Exams will be taking place in another part of The Chantry which will not interfere with normal Club activities. 

Mobile Fox Hunt Event 
More detail will be published when available 

Club Events May 2023

During May 2023 the following Talks / Videos will be covered:

03-05-2023 – Terry (MR0TJX)
Tim Peake’s journey to the ISS with an internal tour by Sunita Williams and concluding with “How To Work The ISS”

24-05-2023 – Terry (MR0TJX)
Overview of the AllStar Link and technology  

International Amateur Radio Day

International Amateur Radio Day – Came into existence in the city of Paris on 18 Apr 1925 following the discovery that the “Short Wave Spectrum” could unite people across the world. Since those days interest in Amateur Radio has grown with over 3 million licensed operators. The invention is celebrated across the world with Amateurs “Skipping an Oscillated Wave Signal” across the globe over thousands of miles bringing people and communities together. All long before the invention of the World Wide Web!   

Club AGM For 2023-2024 Period

The Club’s AGM will be held on Wed 05 Apr 2023 1930 for a 2000 start, refreshments and sandwiches will be provided.

AGM Agenda:

  1. Introductions & Welcome
  2. Apologies for Absence
  3. Minutes of Previous AGM
  4. Chairman’s Report
  5. Secretary’s Report
  6. Treasurer’s Report
  7. Election of 2023-2024 Committee
  8. AOB
  9. Close