3Y0J update QRT expected today due to difficulties.


The team have been reporting to Dx news by satellite radio Link above where you  can watch videos of the expedition and see some of the difficulties they have encountered.

Landing Zodiacs on the shore of the island has been impossible due to the glacier, the team and all the equipment has to enter the water at a buoy 500 ft from the shore connected to the shore with a rope,the team wear survival suits, equipment in water tight drums, all has to be pulled ashore and carried 800 ft to the camp. Very difficult.

videos and daily news on Dx world link above.

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The 3Y0J Team is approaching the 7,000 QSO mark and continues to operate through the ongoing storm.


The Bouvet Island DXpedition
“The most remote uninhabited place on Earth”
Clublog #2 Most Wanted Entity


The link above takes you to the website, which gives some detail into the preparation and cost of the expedition and the terrain the team will be covering. The training for climbing and scaling the Glaciers and moving many tons of equipment.

Interesting reading 

The transport to the Falkland Islands was by RAF transport and they are supported by worldwide amateur radio clubs including the RSGB 

It is estimated 10,000 amateurs per day will be attempting QSO’s so dust off your kw amps. Hi Hi

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Our current theme is DMR. Next week we are going a recap of the DMR basics followed by a video showing basic setup.  

Later in the month we hope have a practical demonstration.