Improve your Morse code

There a few club members who know Morse code and would like to improve their skills in one way or another.  Speaking with members, I’ve heard mention of FISTS but never of CWOPS.  I know an amateur who has spent the last year with the CWOPS Academy program and who has greatly increased their speed and accuracy of receiving and sending.

Not to be forgotten is also the slow Morse transmissions by amateurs here in the UK on behalf of the RSGB.  This is how I originally learnt the code.

So, for those who may be interested, I’ve posted the links below:


Field Day Antenna’s

We have erected Two antenna’s and some tuning is underway,

The first is a ZL7 2-2m 7 element special Yagi on lone to us by Andy ( G7OPB) from Berkeley; on Sunday we measured the resonant frequency  144.4 to 145 bandwidth of approx 600khz however the swr at best was 1.5 and the antenna resistance at resonance was approx 75 ohm.We are in the process of making up a 1/12th wavelength coaxial matching feed to reduce the swr below 1.5.

This antenna will be linked to the club 2m all mode.

the second antenna is a ZS6BKW similar to the g5rv with modified dimensions; we have carried out some initial tests and linked this to the club manual ATU which gave us the following bands for use:- 80m, 40m,20m,15m,10m.

12m and 17m band could not be tuned. Test qso to St. Albans and Coventry gave us 599 on 10w.

This antenna will be linked to The Club Yaesu 450d and we will check that the internal ATU can match the bands as above.

Any other antennas which are erected would be welcomed for comparison.

All members are welcome to use the club rigs during field day.


Visit to Fleet Air Arm Museum Yeovilton

During the summer months I propose a visit to the Fleet Air Arm Museum at Yeovilton.

If you would like to come please let me know your available dates from those listed below.

10th or 11th June
29th or 30th July
12th or 13th August

Online entry is either £12.80 or £11.20 for concessions (Military service personnel with a valid MOD 90 go free).

Closer to the selected date I will press gang for drivers, for which each passenger will need to agree a fare with.



RSGB Train the Trainers Course


A quick somewhat belated note. Few weeks back I attended the TtT course organised via CARS. Really good day was had by all. I am now officially a ‘Trainer’. However whilst on the course the trainers realised that I was in fact a qualified teacher and have hence forth added me to the RSGB Train the Trainers Tutor list!! So can now work with the team to put on TtT courses for other clubs!!!

Better yet at the course we had the RSGB Regional chap (forgotten his name) but he was keen to roll more out…..all voluntary of course but that is what the hobby is about and this for me optimises what it means for me.

Looking forward to getting involved with more courses planned for later in the year and subsequently meeting other clubs but also to supporting others in our club. Perhaps fortuitous as it comes alongside my involvement in the RSGB Innovation and Technology Working Group.

All I need now is my M0…that I am certain no I hope will be soon.

Mark 2E0RKM




TSGARC AR Roadshows

Folks today I secured agreement from Waitrose Chipping Sodbury to host our first AR roadshow. Idea is for us to showcase some technology but more importantly raise awarenss of AR to the local community. This is supurb location, great footfell at weekends and will be part of the Yate and Chipping Sodbury Festival during June.

At this stage I am keen to recruit some willling volunteers to help me do this. Tea, coffee and I am told cake will be provided but don’t hold me to that. Also want some ideas on the equipment to showcase but remember must be easy to set up and take down and be compact enough not to cause any undue health or safety concerns. Also want a visual presence and a audible one too e.g. GB3 WR on loop!! Want to attract as many people as I can.

Anyone with any ideas please catch me at club or post them here. Actual dates for the event will follow and Gary can add it to out programme. I will also send them to RADCOM.

Many thanks

Mark  2E0RKM



TSGARC embark on ARDF….or do they?

Folks an entertaining and very interesting talk from Graham G4DPH last week.  Given that Graham and fellow Weston Club members have invited TSGARC to their next club ARDF event perhaps we could consider a club based RDF project or system which we might take on location with us!! Count me in (Peter 2E0UAR) and hopefully others now the weather has improved? Peter already has a number of antenna designs which we could develop from.  I have to say the whole notion appeals to me as it brings together portable (which in effect I am currently), outdoors, (potentially dog walking although that was not mentioned) and radio. Could even add Geocaching if you like to that list. However I would not want to be the fox!!!

My thanks to Graham for his time and fascinating array of home made equipment together with numerous stories of eventing which kept us on the edge of our seats. TSGARC (well me at least) will now definitely be considering an ARDF section of its own.

A few useful websites I came across (but to be honest there are so many links);…/Operating_Modes/Radio_Direction_Finding


Food for thought Folks!!

Mark 2E0RKM