Wsprlite test of the club 40m dipole under way

Today at around I connected my wsprlite antenna analysis system to the club 40m Dipole after completing the 40m low pass filter. It is now transmitting at 200mw and here is the first image from the spots map. The test will continue for 3 days, i will publish data as the test progresses.

for info on the system :-

Arduino workshops

Last week was the second week with Paul m0zmb  showing  some of his experiments using the Arduino open source electronics platform.  We looked at a full colour LCD display from Tony G0WMB and my (John m0hfh) experiments to link the Arduino and a AD9850 dds module to give a variable sine wave output with a variable frequency from a few kilohertz to 30mhz; a very useful VFO. We stayed later than we should  to test the output using the club radio on 3.5mhz and 7.2mhz  and the circuit achieved our first goal, and a signal was detected at approximatly 4m distance using very crude wire antennas.

Railways On The Air at Vale of Berkeley Railway

On Saturday 23rd September 2017 the club will be running a special event station for ROTA at Sharpness. Setup from about 09:00 with aim to be on air by 10:00.

If you are planning on coming please bring a handheld and call GB4VBR on 145.500 to gain access as some parts of the site are restricted due to the nature of what they do there.

Please do not park in front of the houses on either side of the road, if you come along.

ROTA 2017

Everything is ready for Saturday at the Vale of Berkeley Railway for Railways On The Air. At the moment we have only 2 people attending and it would be nice if we could get a couple more even if only for an hour or so.
If you are interested please see Rex or John.
Our callsign will be GB4VBR.

Railways On The Air 2017

Rex (G4RAE), John (M0HFH) and myself (M6EAT) made an interesting visit to the Vale of Berkeley Railway on Saturday in preparation for ROTA on Saturday 23rd September.
We are undertaking a short visit again this Saturday for some antenna prep and then we will be ready for the day.
We could still do with some more radio operators for the day as I am actually away on holiday. The railway are very interested in this and have given the club the use of the boardroom for the day so everything will be nice and warm and dry.
If anyone can make a few hours then please let one of use know.


Peter M0SVN is busy for the club at the moment. Last week he was the lead at our workshop night using the RTL dongles for SDR.

This week he is talking about YOTA.